Linking Tasks

This guide shows how to link tasks.
Linking tasks allows a parent-child relationship to be established between two tasks.

In this example the task ‘Review with Marketing’ will be linked to the task ‘Prototype Manufacture’.

First, select the ‘child task’. The ‘child’ task is the one which you want to start when the ‘parent’ task ends.

When a task is tapped in the Gantt view, a set of controls are displayed next to the task.
Select the ‘Link’ button.

A green menu bar is displayed instructing you to ‘Select Parent Task.’
Select the task which you become the parent.

An alert is displayed asking you to confirm that you will create the link between the two tasks.

Select ‘OK’.

The tasks are now linked. An arrow is displayed connecting the two tasks to indicate that they are linked.

The start date of the child task is determined by the end date of the parent task. Notice how the start date of the task has changed after the link is made, but the duration of the task (the length of the bar) is maintained.

Changes made to the end date of the parent task cause the start date of the child task to be updated automatically. Notice that the task ‘Technical Drawings’, which is a child task of ‘Review with Marketing’ is also updated when it’s parent’s end date changes.

A task can have only one parent task, but can have multiple child tasks.