Easy to use

Camera Controls

Easy to learn

Simple to use

Customizable user interface

Quick Select

Choose video formats with Format Quick Select and Presets.

Change cameras easily with Camera Quick Select.


Configure Settings with clear, organized menus.

Highest quality image


Use the same powerful camera tools for Photo and Video.

Capture Photos in RAW, ProRAW, HEIC and JPG image formats.


Capture and playback dynamic wide color video on using your iPhone.

10-bit HDR with Dolby Vision and 10-bit 709 SDR on iPhone 12 devices.

8-bit HDR recording with HLG and P3 color space on older devices.


Creative mode processes image data from the camera sensor in real time.

Highlight and shadow detail, contrast and saturation are optimised on device to ensure the highest possible image quality.

Most powerful tools


Professional Scopes for real time image analysis.

Luma Scope, RGB Parade, RGB Overlay, RGB Histogram, XY Colorspace and Vectorscope.


Manual and Automatic controls for camera configuration.

4K Wide and Anamorphic lens support.

Focus Loupe and Focus Peaking.

Video Formats

Unlock All Video Formats supported by your device.

All 8-bit and 10-bit formats, in BT.709, P3 and BT.2020 color spaces for SDR and HDR sources, in all resolutions and frame rates.

Log video capture

200% more shadow detail & color
with three Log video presets


Capture log encoded SDR video in 8-bit Rec.709 and P3 color.


Capture log encoded SDR video in 10-bit Rec.709 color.


Capture log encoded HDR video in 10-bit Rec.2020 color.

Use LUTs to convert C-Log to HDR 2020 PQ, BT.2020 HLG or SDR Rec.709 in your video editing software.

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