Calendar View

The 'Calendar View' displays the tasks in a project on a Calendar.
The diagram below shows the Calendar View occupying the right half of the screen.
There are Toolbars above and below the Calendar View providing controls for the Calendar.

The Add Task button is used to add a new task to a project.
The Full Screen button is used to expand the size of the Calendar View on screen allowing more information to be displayed.
The Projects button is used to close the Project.

The Toolbar contains buttons and menus that provide additional control over the information displayed in the Calendar View.
The Tools button displays the 'Tools' Menu.
The Date displays the date range of the calendar.
The Display Settings button displays the 'Display Settings' Menu.

The ‘Bottom Toolbar’ contains buttons to change the ‘Calendar Type’ between Month and Day views.
The Today button sets the date of the calendar to today.