Analytics Pro 3 Privacy Policy

This is the privacy policy for the Analytics Pro 3 App ('Analytics Pro 3'). It describes how your personal information is used when you use 'Analytics Pro 3'.

'Analytics Pro 3' is an App for iPhone and iPad that displays data from a Google Analytics Account.

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Quick, Plain-English Summary

Analytics Pro 3:

  • uses the 'Google Sign-In' to authenticate with Google services.
  • uses the 'Google Analytics API' for readonly access to data in a Google Analytics Account.
  • does not have access to account passwords.
  • does not share your personal data with third parties.

Who are we?

Thomas Blackburn is an App developer based in the United Kingdom, ('Blackburn Apps', 'us' or 'we'). This website is used to provide information about Apps developed and made available by us on the App Store. We do not maintain a business phone number. You may reach us through the form located here.

Terms of Use

Apps developed by us and made available on the App Store are subject to Apple's Licensed Application End User License Agreement which is available on Apple's website.

Use of Apps and Services made available on the App Store are subject to Apple's Privacy Policy which is available on Apple's website.

Collection and Use of Personal Data

Personal data is information that can be used to identify a single person.

We do not collect, use or store personal data.

Data security

We take the security of your personal information very seriously. We protect your personal information during transit using encryption such as Transport Layer Security (TLS).

Third‑Party Sites and Services

Our website, applications, and services may contain links to third-party websites, products, and services. Our products and services may also use or offer products or services from third parties.

Information collected by third parties, is governed by their privacy practices. We encourage you to learn about the privacy practices of those third parties.

Google Sign-In

'Analytics Pro 3' uses the 'Google Sign-In' SDK for iOS to authenticate securely with a Google Account and access Google Analytics Data.

'Google Sign-In' is part of 'Google API Services', which is an authentication and authorization framework provided by Google that gives 'Analytics Pro 3' the ability to connect directly to Google servers in order to access Google user data.

Use of Google Sign-In is subject to Google's Privacy Policy and Terms of Service which are available on Google's website.

As part of the Sign-In process, the user will be required to enter their username and password. Upon successful authentication with Google, 'Analytics Pro 3' will be provided with tokens which will be stored on the user's device.

  • What data are you requesting?

    'Analytics Pro 3' requests access to the Google Analytics analytics.readonly scope.

  • Who is requesting Google user data?

    The request is made by the Analytics Pro 3 App while running on the personal iOS Device (iPad or iPhone) of the user.

  • Why are you requesting Google user data?

    The Google Sign-In SDK provides an Access Token which is used to make secure requests to the Google Analytics API.

    'Analytics Pro 3' uses this token in order to make authorized requests for data in a Google Analytics Account.

    'Analytics Pro 3' does not have access to any user passwords at any time.

    The Google Sign-In API provides user name/email for the authenticated user. This is displayed within the App for the sole purpose to indicate to the user which account is authenticated.

  • What data is stored?

    The Google Sign-In SDK Stores an Access token and a Refresh Token on the iOS device. The Access Token is used access the Google Analytics API. When the Access Token expires, the Refresh Token is used to obtain a new Access Token.

    The Account owner user can disconnect their Google Account from the 'Analytics Pro 3' App using the 'Sign Out' or 'Change Account' buttons. These are accessible from the 'Account' screen from within 'Analytics Pro 3'

    The Account owner can also remove Analytics Pro 3's access to account data by revoking the tokens from their Google Account.

    Deleting the 'Analytics Pro 3' app from the iOS device will delete all data stored on the device.

  • Who has access to the data?

    Data is only accessible to 'Analytics Pro 3' on the device on which it is installed.

    Data is only transmitted to, and received from Google for the purpose of authentication.

    No data is shared with third parties.

Google Analytics API

'Analytics Pro 3' uses Google Analytics APIs provided by Google for the purpose of presenting and reporting user data.

Use of Google Analytics is subject to Google's Google Analytics Terms of Service which is available on Google's website.

  • Who is requesting Google user data?

    Data is requested by the 'Analytics Pro 3' App running on the users personal iOS Device (iPad or iPhone).

    The request is made directly with Google Servers using the Google Analytics API.

  • What data are you requesting?

    'Analytics Pro 3' requests read-only access to the 'Management API' to view accounts, properties and views.

    'Analytics Pro 3' requests read-only access 'Core Reporting API' to query for dimensions and metrics to produce customized reports.

    'Analytics Pro 3' uses OAuth 2.0 to authorize requests made to the Analytics API. Every request made by 'Analytics Pro 3' to the Analytics API includes an authorization token which identifies the application to Google.

  • Why are you requesting Google user data?

    'Analytics Pro 3' requests data for the purpose of displaying it in the form of Graphs and Tabular data on an iOS device.

  • What data is stored?

    Data obtained using the Google Analytics API is stored in memory on the iOS device while in use.

  • Who has access to the data?

    Data obtained using the Google Analytics API is only accessible to 'Analytics Pro 3' on the device on which it is installed.

    No data is shared with third parties.

Apple Subscription

'Analytics Pro 3' allows you to purchase access to additional functionality from within the App on a subscription basis.

Terms and conditions applicable to subscriptions are subject Apple's Apple Media Services Terms and Conditions which are available on Apple's website.

In order to enable the additional functionality, 'Analytics Pro 3' will check the presence of a subscription receipt and verify whether the subscription is valid.

It does this by sending the encrypted receipt securely to Apple via our verification process hosted on a Google Cloud service. Upon successful verification of a subscription receipt, 'Analytics Pro 3' will enable the additional functionality provided by the subscription.

We process the receipt for the sole purpose of verification/validation. We do not store the receipt.


'Analytics Pro 3' allows you to store User Settings on iCloud so that they can be synchronized and made available on multiple devices. User Settings include data for custom Dashboards, Favourite Reports and Custom Reports.

No personal data is stored on iCloud. Data stored on iCloud can be deleted from the Settings screen available with the 'Analytics Pro 3' App.

Use of iCloud is subject to Apple's iCloud Terms and Conditions

Changes to this policy

We may update this Privacy Policy from time to time, and we will always post the most up to date version on this website.


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