Tome lets you to write reports and notes on the go or at a desk.

Whether you are a Writer, Blogger, Student or Office Worker, Tome will let you write notes and prepare structured documents with ease.


Designed specifically for the small screens of mobile devices, Tome makes the task of writing documents simple and pleasurable.

Tome is a universal app which works on iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.

Easy to Use

Add heading numbering, create a table of contents and add an index with a single tap.

Things that are complicated to do with a traditional Word Processor are easy with Tome.

Contents & Page Previews

Table of Contents and Page previews let you quickly locate content within a document.

Scroll directly to parts of a document by selecting the heading from the Contents List of selecting a Page Preview.

Text Styles

Change the appearance of text by applying a text style. This adjusts font, font size, colour, alignment, line and paragraph spacing.

Text Styles can be customised to change the appearance. Font, Font Size, Colour, Alignment, Line Spacing, Paragraph Spacing Before & After can all be adjusted.

Style Gallery

A Style Gallery lets allows you to easily select a pre-defined set of styles to change the appearance of a document.

Adjust the on screen display size to suit your editing preference: Small, Medium and Large.


Fix spelling mistakes easily with spelling results and suggestions.

Tapping a spelling result will scroll to it's location in the document so that changes can be made.


Find occurrences of words and characters in a document with keyword search.

Tap a search result to scroll to it's location in the document.


Move paragraphs using the Reorder Control to move paragraphs in the editor.

Re-order whole sections of a document by rearranging the Headings in the contents Navigator.


Insert images into a document from the Camera Roll, Camera or iCloud Drive.

Images can be resized accurately in 1mm increments. Crop images to remove unwanted parts.

Preview & Read

A full screen preview lets you easily read a document without the distraction of controls and buttons.

Table of Contents

Tome can automatically create a Table of Contents to summarise the Headings used in a document.


View key statistics about your document with character, word, sentence, paragraph and page counts.

Heading Numbering

Add automatic heading numbering for up to three heading levels.

Undo & Redo

Tap Undo to undo any edits you have made to a document. If you change your mind tap Redo to revert back to the original.


Add a Cover Page to display Document Title, Sub Title and Author

Adjust Auto Capitalisation settings to Sentences, Words, All or None.

Sharing Documents

A document can be shared by Email, stored on iCloud Drive and copied to iTunes for backup on a Mac or PC.

The native file format for Tome has the EDX extension. A document with this format can be imported back into Tome, with formatting and layout information preserved.

Documents can also be exported in PDF, RTF, RTFD, TXT & HTML formats.


Create an Index to reference words that appear in a document automatically. Simply add the words you want to appear in the Index and let Tome takes care of the rest.


Print a hardcopy of a document by sending it directly to a printer using AirPrintâ„¢. Preview the document before printing to check content.


Store documents in iCloud so that they are available on all your devices.


Files can be imported into Tome from Email attachments, iCloud Drive and from iTunes. Supported file formats include TDX, TXT and RTF.