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Analytics Pro, the app that Google forgot

"Thomas Blackburn has picked up Google's slack and created the slickest Google Analytics app I've seen.

Analytics Pro has succeeded where Google failed, by making all your data, charts, and metrics easily accessible on an iPhone. Matter of fact, it's even easier to view my reports in the Analytics Pro app than it is on the Analytics web site."

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Michael Grothausk - Mar 21, 2010

From iTunes Australia


This ap is fantastic. I'd rather use it than the actual google page because this is so simple! Everything I want to know is labeled well and is accurate. Thanks!!

Shonamelissa - July 10, 2010

Well worth the money!

I am always a bit reluctant to pay this much for an app but given the excellent reviews and my frustration with trying to use google analtics through my iphone safari I decided to give it a try. Well worth the price. Great for tracking multiple websites and a nice interface.

kcairney - July 2, 2010


Easy 2 use worth the money

Marty1113 - May 27, 2010

Just what I was looking for

Tried the lite version but was lacking... This however is worth twice the money. Quick, detailed and makes clients believe I am offering great service. Easier than using Googles setup.. Can bang through info and see the pulse of a site in seconds. Our response time to tuning is greatly improved thanks to the ease of access on the iPhone. 6 stars

Peter L C - May 11, 2010

Pivot stove and heating

Love this app Very simple to use and with all the information you need on one page Highly advise to buy if you are an active web hoster

Boss - April 28, 2010

Better than the web experience

The thing that most struck me about this app is that the ease of finding relevant information is so much greater than the web experience using the 'official' website. In fact, even when I'm sitting at my desktop computer I tend to reach for my iPhone to check my analytics rather than going to the Google website. An excellent application that allows you to drill down to find all that you need quickly and easily.

mdlong - April 23, 2010

From iTunes US

Amazing, Worth It!

Definitely an awesome app. The interface is beautiful. Love the graphs also, enables you to visually comb through the data quote easily. Thanks again, I truly enjoy using this app.

MrFletch - July 12, 2010


love it. ui is far more pleasant than google analytics itself. very nice and easy

thedotmack - July 11, 2010


I am simply blown away by the functionality in this app. I am fairly new to google analytics so browsing the google site can get a bit cumbersome. Honestly, I signed in this app and it's 10 times easier to access and understand the information. I will now refer to this app for the ease of translating the data and the convenience of it being on my phone. I also cannot wait for an iPad app. Thank you so so much for making such a useful app. Well price is cheap for how much of a difference it makes for me. Great job dev.!

Bokyboky22 - July 8, 2010

Amazing implementation of the Google Analytics API

I own both Analytics Pro and Analytics HD (made by Inblosam LLC). By comparison, this is a much better application by features, functionality and performance. The UI is more pleasing and is easier to navigate than the competition. The fact that I can choose today, yesterday or the last seven days as preset reports is also incredibly handy. Further, being able to track my campaigns (as well as my eCommerce) is just a bonus. I also appreciate Mr. Blackburn's attention to detail - you can tell he went to great lengths to make a very compelling application. For the money (and yes, $7 is inexpensive given the functionality). I highly recommend this app to anyone needing to monitor their sites utilizing Google Analytics. Lastly, as a recent iPhone 4 owner, I am pleased that this app already supports iOS4. I can't wait until he releases an iPad version (which I hope will be a universal app). Well done!

bookspan - June 27, 2010

Best app I have ever purchased

By far this analitics app is the best app I have ever purchased makes keeping an eye on my web store a breeze and gives me all the data I need to manage my site. Strongly recommend this app of you own a web site

Lycanman - June 26, 2010


Exactly what an analytics app should be. Worth 3 times what they charge.

Grrsavannah - May 10, 2010


This app is FANTASTIC! Just loaded it 3 minutes ago and it is so much better than using Google Analytics on my desktop: Thank you!!!

Chris_Murphy - May 1, 2010

Better than the 2 dollar Apps!!!

She treats me like gold, fast, articulate, detailed, never crashes and the most beautiful UI I have ever seen!

HawaiiMatt - Apr 27, 2010

The best

AnalyticsPro is simply the best Analytics app there is; smooth interface, great design and it's a pleasure to check in each day.

Rivercontrol - Apr 14, 2010

Best App Ever!

I've never seen this level of detail broken down so simply... Not even in Google Analytics. This is the perfect app to feed your analytics addiction.

ignoble - Apr 8, 2010

Excellent google analytics app

This app is excellent and well worth the $

Rob Seattle - Apr 3, 2010


Best analytics app and I've tried them all!

pugdogg - Mar 30, 2010

Very Useful!

I love this app! Well designed and helpful.

Snowgirl1 - Mar 30, 2010

Great App

Excellent app, easy to use.

scojac24 - Mar 28, 2010

Very useful

Great app. Does all I need. Fast too.

- Mar 27, 2010

Excellent App

I have worked on several analytics apps, and this is the best by far! No need to go on the website, it's all in there!!

DjMarvilous - Mar 25, 2010


Nice mobile usable analytics. The google version is laced with (horrors) flash so it really doesn't work on the iPhone. This almost eliminates my need to use my desktop for analytics.

ForrestRocks - Mar 24, 2010

Very good

Simple and easy. Great app.

fabri-jp - Mar 23, 2010

Better than the real thing.

Loads fast, beautiful, well-outlined reports. This is much cleaner and easier to use than the real thing. I've used other analytics apps before, this has them beat hands down.

8asic - Mar 22, 2010


Very well done. Fast. Almost all my data. I hope the next version will have my google adsense info that is on my main account. That is the only thing I see missing.

NewMacUser - Mar 22, 2010

The best...

I have purchased three of these. The other two have been deleted. This is the best I've tried. Really fast, not buggy great reporting.

GadgetMaster - Mar 21, 2010

Best analytics app i've used

I've downloaded quite a few, use google analytics for business and was thrilled to see such a clean ui, excellent charts, and overall thought put into this app. It can take a while to load for sites with lots of data but overall this app gets an A+

456254548 - Mar 19, 2010

Worth the price!

Fast and very accurate. The graphics are easy to understand.

GearHead7 - Mar 17, 2010

Gorgeous UI

It's great to be able to check in on our web performance at any time, especially in meetings.

Google Analytics is one of those tools that can provide really valuable feedback but requires a lot of time to be spend simply looking at the numbers, letting them soak in. I never have the time to log in & look around but Analytics Pro has just opened up some of that extra time, commuting or in meetings that would otherwise go to waste. Thanks.

MichaelThwaite - Mar 8, 2010

WOW!! Great Analytics App

Just installed this app - had been using another app called Analytics (which is very good) but this new app has me switching.

Very well designed - fast - and with data displayed in a very useful and well thought out manner - great job!!

Well worth the higher price point.

MikeMpls - Feb 24, 2010

Best analytics iPhone app I've used so far.

This is the best Google Analytics iPhone app I've seen so far.

I reported a bug where I couldn't login with a Google Apps account login credentials and the author had a fix out within 48 hours. Top notch response.

Only things I see missing were some small ecommerce reporting features, but I have a feeling the author is probably adding them for an upcoming release.

WarLooch - Feb 20, 2010

From iTunes Netherlands

The Best By Far

Finally! I have tried them all but was never completely satisfied with the tools that were available before for the iPhone.

I am a frequent user of GA on the go and this tool is by far fastest, most extensive and most elegant so far!

door Melerik - Mar 19, 2010

From iTunes UK

Best app ever!!!!

Everything you need on the move, all in one place. Hats off to the developers!

Leigh iPhone - July 15, 2010

Fantastic App!

Just installed this great app and it works a treat! Definately worth every penny spent!!!

Blue Rag Studios - July 2, 2010

Worth every penny

Just bought it, played around for a few mins and it's 100 times faster, well designed and detailed that the other analytics app I just deleted. Recommended by smashing magazine

Shloy23 - Jun 30, 2010

Best I've seen!

Brilliant and well worth £4.

Kokochris - May 20, 2010

All you will need on the go...

This offers all you could ever want or need from stats! Perfect!

tchipperfield - May 3, 2010


Does everything I need and saves me valuable time every day.

DFKDFC - Apr 4, 2010


Brilliant!! Can't really say much more than that!

MadTogger - Mar 29, 2010

best seo app end of story!

a must have!

seoman - Mar 29, 2010


Fantastics app! Keep up the good work!

seoman - Mar 27, 2010


It's the perfect app, fast and reliable

Saif83 - Mar 25, 2010

Great little app

Fantastic, does what is says on the tin.

em:two - Mar 25, 2010

The best one.

At last. I think I've tried all the analytics apps in the store. Withing 5mins I can tell this is the best one. Faster than the others and very well designed.

MrTickleToes - Mar 23, 2010

Great App

I really like this App. All the site information at your fingertips.

cba110 - Mar 22, 2010

Just awesome

Have nothing else to say :)

rafiki270 - Mar 20, 2010


Within 30 seconds you realise this is a really well built app. Very well designed and functional. Well worth the money will be using this hourly.

Woodsandhillsplc - Mar 15, 2010

Excellent App

Feature rich, as good as google's own interface in fact more of a pleasure to use!

jmurphy84 - Mar 10, 2010

Perfect tool

Has all the features you need from google analytics. Fast and faultless running.

Jumbomcnutt - Mar 7, 2010

Very Good App!

I like this app... Its more versatile that the rest out there. Its well designed and thought out.

Bielbo - Mar 5, 2010


I hadn't realised that Apps this good were possible until I bought this. It is a work of passion. Buy it.

FIJ - Mar 4, 2010

Best of the Bunch

I've tried a few Analytics apps and was frustrated by the lack of Goals Analysis. So this one was worth a punt as it promised that, but delivers plenty more as well and currently leads the competition.

Very detailed and well thought out interface with some lovely touches. The data reporting is fast and seems to come in by the hour if I'm not mistaken?

As a web developer, it's a must on my iPhone.

Dozzaroo - Feb 25, 2010

Beautifully executed

Great looking app and works exceptionally well.

Jonny_T - Feb 20, 2010

Good Analytics App.

One of the best analytics apps, but some important improvements are needed. Conversion rate needs to be more available (e.g. in the Event Category and E-Commerce). However very good attempt for version 1.0

peringo - Feb 16, 2010

From iTunes Germany

Etwas teuer

Aber TOP

Ichmalwieder - May 13, 2010

Super ausführlich - super App.

Genau so etwas habe ich gesucht, es zeigt wirklich alles an... Dass noch mit schönen Übersichten. Bin sehr begeistert, wenn auch nicht ganz billig. Kann ich nur empfehlen. TOP! Auch für Shop Betreiber denke ich super...

Translation: Super detail - super App.

Just something I was looking for, it really shows everything ... Even with nice overviews. I'm very excited, although not exactly cheap. I can only recommend it. TOP! Also for shop owner, I think super ...

von msMedia - Mar 12, 2010

Whow - ich bin begeistert.

Großes Kompliment an den Entwickler! Die App macht alles, was ich brauche. Ich finde, sie ist sogar besser als die Google Analytics Webseite. Ich komme schnell und übersichtlich an alle wichtigen Daten. Die Umsetzung, Performance, Usability - alles perfekt. Ist in jedem Fall den Preis absolut wert. Danke!

Translation: Wow - I'm thrilled.

Compliments to the developers! The app does everything I need. I think it is even better than the Google Analytics website. It comes quickly and clearly to all the important data. The implementation, performance, usability - everything is perfect. In any case, the price is absolutely worth it. Thank you!

von mcpaw - Feb 27 2010

Sehr gut mit ein wenig Luft nach oben

lange habe ich eine vernünftige App für Google Analytics gesucht. Hier habe ich sie gefunden: Verschiedene Accounts lassen sich ebenso hervorragend managen wie die unterschiedlichen Seiten. Die Funktion, den Traffic tagesaktuell anzuzeigen ist spitze, genau so wie die Auswahl praktisch aller für *mich* interessanten Abragen. Ich nutze dieses App täglich, sie ist schnell, stabil und sehr empfehlenswert.

Translation: Very Good

I have long sought a reasonable App for Google Analytics. Here I found it: You can manage different accounts as well as profiles. The function to view the daily traffic is cool, -it's the choice of virtually all of *my* interesting queries.

I use this app daily, it is fast, stable and highly recommended.

von Stafen - Feb 20, 2010

From iTunes France

Quasiment parfaite!

Sans doute la meilleure sur le sujet à l'heure actuelle.

Il manquerait juste quelques fonctionnalités comme la distinction des keywords search/organic, la gestion des segments personalisés (pas uniquement nouveaux visiteurs / total) et ce serait parfait!

Translation: Almost perfect!

Without doubt the best on the subject at present.

It just lacks some features such as the distinction of search keywords / organic, personalized segments (not just new visitors/total) and it would be perfect!

Karvador151 - Mar 19, 2010

Bonne appli!

Très complete, très claire, manque juste un peu de lisibilité sur qques rapports et je n'ai pas trouvé comment différencier les kw organic et cc. A part cela, rien a dire!

Translation: Good Application.

Very complete, very clear, just lacking a little clarity on some reports and I have not found how to differentiate between organic and cpc keywords. Otherwise, nothing to say!

gizmo - Mar 17, 2010

Ergonomie et design excellents.

Très bonne application pour consulter vos stats Google Analytics : l'ergonomie est excellent et le design soigné, et les fonctionnalités proposées sont très complètes.

Translation: Excellent design and ergonomics.

Very good application to view your Google Analytics stats: the ergonomics are excellent and the sleek design and features offered are very comprehensive.

Eiffel P - Feb 20, 2010

From Twitter

ryanolson, US

If you use Google Analytics™ & iPhone do yourself a favor and check Analytics Pro. 2 Thumbs Up!

Mar 23, 2010

alexhardy, UK

Bought Analytics Pro for iPhone by @blackburnapps. Best Google Analytics app yet.

Mar 23, 2010

gregkeene, US

Analytics Pro, by far the best Google Analytics app for the iPhone available currently.

Mar 22, 2010

mikeebee, England

Ooo sweet, Google analytics for iPhone but purdy!

Feb 18, 2010

meenhorst, Netherlands

Woah - finally a great #UX for Analytics on iPhone.

Feb 18, 2010

heikoschmidt, Germany

The best Google Analytics app for the iPhone I've seen so far!!! .. just arrived in the AppStore.

Feb 16, 2010

MrGadgetFreak, Germany

Das für mich auf dem iPhone umfangreichste & optisch beste App für Google Analytics: Analytics Pro von Thomas Blackburn

Translation: For me, the most comprehensive and visually best iPhone app for Google Analytics: Analytics Pro by Thomas Blackburn

Feb 16, 2010